DoorVetsInc. started with a simple idea about how to improve two problems simultaneously; the need for professionalized doormen within the service industry and as a path for veterans of the US Armed Services to prevent unemployment (which disproportionately affects veterans at a rate of three to four times that of their civilian brethren).  DoorVets come in all sizes and shapes with various similar and sometimes shockingly dissimilar backgrounds and life experiences, but as a company and as a community, we are committed to growing in both civic responsibility and economic success.  Education and scholarship programs, volunteer opportunities, and establishing new DoorVets locations to continue to "take the fight" to veteran unemployment.  Growth comes at a price, but if our dream appeals to you and you want to accelerate its fruition, please go ahead and support our GoFundMe campaign.


Currently, we are considering; Austin, Denver, Louisville, Nashville, and Phoenix for future expansion.  If you think that DoorVetsInc. should be looking at your city please tell us why at