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Myers Briggs Basic Personality Test
(Part 2 of 4) Each of the four questions of the MBBPT inventory has a group of comparison statements from which you determine your more dominant preference.
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Basic Scenario & Critical Thinking Skills Test
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Tuesday at 10:15pm - A man appearing to be in his 30s walks up to your establishment. He is clean, well dressed, but is unsteady on his feet. When requesting his identification you detect the smell of alcohol on his breath. He slurs slightly when responding that he is in his 40s and doesn't have it. POP QUIZ HOT SHOT WHAT DO YOU DO? WHAT DO... YOU DO?
Friday at 9:30pm - A wedding party of thirty people is in the establishment, but one of the party is clearly inebriated and must leave the establishment. How would you as a DoorVet handle the situation?
Saturday at 1:30am - Your establishment is at fire code capacity and there is a line of approximately a dozen people outside waiting to get in. An inebriated female is being physically held up by a large male in line and attempt to enter the establishment, but when the female is denied entry the large male becomes aggressive towards the DoorVet. The inebriated female becomes verbally abusive to the DoorVet, is this a crime? The large male tries to push his way past the DoorVet to speak to a manager, is this a crime? What rights do you believe a DoorVet has and how would you handle this situation?
Sunday at 2:15am - All patrons have finished their drinks and are exiting the establishment. During the course of your closing duties you have checked all corners of the establishment (including restrooms and supply closets). A well known and aggressive panhandler loiters outside the establishment asking for cigarettes from the exiting patrons and waiting for the staff to leave. How would you handle this situation?
Monday at 7:30pm - During Monday Night Football, a disagreement breaks out between superfans and during the jostling a bottle is broken over one of the patrons heads. The patron is bleeding and appears to be unconscious, while the other patron is being restrained by customers. How would you handle this?
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Would you be willing to submit to a drug test within two weeks of starting?
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Will you be continuing to seek out new work?
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Does security contracting work interest you?
Deployments *
If required, would you deploy overseas again?
New Language *
Would you be willing to learn a new language?
PT Test *
Would you submit to a physical fitness test?
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Would you be interested in moving to new franchises and concepts?
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